brandon caruso

mystery plant

pervasive mobile game concept

An eight-week project. Explored pro-environmental behavior change and how pervasive game elements could promote change. Purposed a hybrid physical and screen based mobile game that exposes users to home gardening and their local gardening community.

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braille keyboard prototype

A one-and-a-half-week prototyping project. Created a functioning high fidelity braille keyboard. Used physical and electronic prototyping tools to evaluate and build a comfortable, inexpensive, and portable keyboard.

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interactive wall

prototype for gesture based interactive installation

A ten-week team project. Crafted the software for an interactive installation where the user interacts through hand gestures to set off fireworks, play with water, build towers in space, and explore artwork.

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current work

pediatric hemodialysis

graduate capstone

Working with hemodialysis patients at Seattle Children's Hospital to explore how to promote patient expression of individuality and facilitate social interaction amongst patients in a restrictive setting.